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What will the offices of the future look like? In the past offices have been designed to be functional with not much thought to how they look. It is now known that the atmosphere and environment affect employees’ productivity and when designing an office space today it’s not just about function, but also raising employing productivity as well, of course, having an attractive aesthetic.

Glass Walls Re-Shaping The Workplace For The Future

If we reimagine how the office workplace could be designed, what would it look like? Maybe the latest technology like AI, 5G access, and maybe smart desk and armchair workstations that respond to your every demand as well as being ergonomic and very comfortable! Maybe smart workstations incorporated into homes for remote workers. The possibilities are endless.

The old model of a workplace overseen by a supervisor and being a rigidly controlled environment is now obsolete. Workplaces are being designed to be more friendly, and comfortable with a focus on the employees’ comfort. Spaces where employees are comfortable, happy and more productive. Where they can create innovative ideas and forward-looking solutions.

New evolving workspaces are the key to having happy, productive, motivated employees. They will increase teamwork and creativity and reduce stress. One of the most popular and best designs of offices is that of the glass office design.

Glass wall systems are extremely versatile, cost-effective and bring many advantages. They can evolve as needed in the future and will provide an innovative, successful workplace space at a low cost. The sheer flexibility that office design glass walls can meet an infinite number of needs of offices of the future.

Open Office Environments

Open office environments have been shown to be one of the best office workspace designs. They encourage conversation and exchange of ideas between colleagues and facilitate teamwork on projects. Supervisors are not set apart from the employees which helps to build a good working relationship. The one disadvantage of open office environments is that distraction is very easy and there was minimal privacy. The use of office design glass walls means that those disadvantages no longer exist. The presence of more space and light is thought to encourage creativity and innovative thinking. Using glass wall systems in this situation not only ticks all the boxes, but by adding glass walls to the open office environment privacy is added when it is needed and it also gives subtle organisational structure to the office.

Benefits Of Glass Offices

  • The transparency of the glass walls creates an open work environment and creates an interactive environment.
  • Sound-proofing of glass walls whilst still having an open space work environment. Private meetings can take place in glass offices, as the glass allows for separation and privacy, even while the space stays open and bright.
  • The creation of distinct areas for different workers, whilst still having an open aesthetic.
  • Improved lighting, the glass walls increase the natural light within the room making the workspace light and bright. Which has a direct effect on employees’ productivity and well-being.
  • Supervisors can still monitor employees without changing the ambience of an open collaborative space.

Using Glass Office Design Glass Walls – The Office Of The Future

Modern office layout is not static, constantly changing business needs and changing personnel mean that the layout needs to be able to be changed, easily and cheaply. Movable glass walls are able to be moved and rearranged very easily, they just need to be picked up and put in another position! No special equipment or specialists are needed. What’s more, it doesn’t cost a thing when you already have offices made from glass at work! You can change your office layout as often as you like and the versatility of the glass walls means that you can create any layout that is physically possible!
Glass walls allow you to create specific spaces for private meetings and informal collaborations like brain storing and creative thinking. The glass walls are transparent so the employees are not visually separated. The glass does have sound-proofing abilities and is also available with different screens and blinds for those times when complete privacy is needed. You can, in fact, tailor your office layout to meet whatever specific needs you have, maybe a private meeting room with blinds and also a private meeting room for teamwork.

Offices of the future need to have team space, quiet areas casual interaction areas, areas for virtual, individual or teamwork. Office design glass walls can meet all these requirements and more and can evolve along with your business. Transform your workplace to meet the requirements of your employees rather than have your employees change to match the workplace.

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