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Glass Offices 4U



The construction industry has been changing behaviours relating to sustainability over recent years and there’s now an industry standard both morally and legally to abide by. There have been many needed targets set in the construction industry around the globe to ultimately achieve lower emissions from this high-energy sector. This is what our planet needs to combat climate change which is having such devastating impacts on the environment we live in. Everyone is accountable but as GlassOffices4U are in the construction industry we take our accountability for sustainability very seriously and are doing our upmost to source sustainable products and not be wasteful. GlassOffices4U are very proud supporters of The National Trust’s ‘Plant a tree’ scheme and we contribute to the planting of new trees every time a new glass office order is placed.


Our glass partitions are designed to be fully demountable and relocatable so you can re-use the same partitions if you need to change your office layout in the future. As a building material glass is an eco-friendly choice due to glass being an abundant raw material which is easily recycled time and time again so rather than throwing old glass on a landfill site it’s just thrown back into a furnace, ready to use again. When 32% of the total landfill waste in the UK is a result of construction and demolition projects, we believe the environmental impact of using glass in your workplace is equally if not more important than the outstanding aesthetics achieved. An important advantage of installing glass offices rather than solid walls is that they won’t restrict the flow of natural light throughout your property which not only saves the planet in CO2 emissions due to the reduced need for additional electrical lighting but has financial savings too.


The National Trust is on a mission to plant 20 million trees in the UK by 2030 and we’re helping! On top of the environmental gains, these trees create much needed new habitats for wildlife such as the red squirrel, the hazel dormouse, the greater spotted woodpecker and other birds like the song thrush and the red kite to thrive in. They will also provide more green spaces for everyone to enjoy as well as being a valuable tool to help combat climate change. A single tree can absorb up to an impressive 1 tonne of carbon in a 40 year period and together with your help we’ll be able to join the National Trust in planting trees for a better more sustainable future.