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Glass Offices 4U
Glass Partitions Explained


Single Glazed Partitioning

Single glazed partitioning is the most cost-effective way to divide an office space. Full height (floor to ceiling) glass panels set within our minimalist aluminium glazing channels assures natural light continues to flow uninterrupted through the workplace. We install toughened safety glass as standard in our single glazed partitions with a minimum acoustic performance of Rw33dB which will reduce background noise enabling you to stay focused and be more productive. However not all office environments are the same and if you need a reduction in noise yet still want a slimline look we can offer our acoustic single glazed system which achieves Rw38dB or our double glazed system which achieves up to an impressive Rw51dB – an industry leader in acoustic performance.


Double glazed partitioning is an option for you if acoustic performance is a priority. There is an uplift in cost due to the extra materials needed but the gains in privacy between areas is well worth the investment. Rw37dB is our minimum achieving acoustic rating using 10mm & 12mm toughened safety glass in our double glazed system but unlike our competitors, we can offer an impressive Rw51dB using acoustic laminated glass. We can also provide you with our UKAS approved acoustic test data which is what you will need if paying for a premium noise-cancelling product. All our double glazed channels are slimline, achieving the modern minimalist aesthetics that are invariably sought.


Banded glazed partitioning is very much on trend and the majority of our installations favour this industrial style option. Our banded screen option is single glazed with our specially extruded 6mm flat bar that’s been designed to work with all glass types and is bonded to both external faces of glass. Our standard banding layout is 2 x horizontal bands and equally spaced vertical bands spaced around 800mm apart but we can offer you the option to design your own pattern of bars with the help of one of our in-house designers. We can also offer double glazed partitions with a banded option which incorporates our bespoke box-section of aluminium which is bonded inside the glass cavity creating the framed module glass partition effect, please contact our office for more information on this product.


Acoustic glazed partitioning has many benefits in the workplace. Two of the main benefits are increased concentration levels due to noise cancelation, enabling staff to be more focused and productive and also for the added privacy for your important meetings. We offer our single glazed acoustic system as standard that achieves Rw38dB but if you need that extra privacy, we can supply & install our acoustic double glazed partitions in your workplace with an industry leading Rw51dB noise reduction, please contact our office for more information on this product.


Frameless glass doors give a seamless look to an office. They are a specially manufactured toughened safety glass panel which is secured in place perfectly flush with the adjacent glass panels. Frameless doors have a lower acoustic performance as there’s only a few millimetres gap between the glass panels and door. For better acoustics and for all our double glazed screens we offer a framed glass door option which is the same specialist toughened safety glass panel set within one of our robust slimline aluminium door frames.
Our banded screens come with frameless and framed glass door options but whichever option you choose, the door itself will come with our ultra-slimline perimeter framing which gives a really impressive industrial look to the door to which complements the rest of the banded office. All our doors come with 600mm pull handles and self-closing pivots as standard, we also offer an extensive range of ironmongery choices including colour matched ironmongery. We provide many door options including sliding doors and acoustic double glazed doors so please don’t hesitate to ask a member of our team for more information.


Manifestations are a frosted film that legally needs to be applied to all glass partitions including glass doors to conform with The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 2004. We install a DDA compliant double row of either 50mm dots, 50mm squares or 50mm strips to all new glass and doors which is included in our price. The good news is that if you’ve seen elaborate manifestations whilst out or looking on the internet, we can do this too! Whether you want plain full height opaque glass, your company logo incorporated or lots of colour, we can take your design to our manifestation supplier and make your idea a reality so please don’t hesitate to ask a member of our team for more information.