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Dividing Your Office Workspace for Greater Efficiency

Effectively dividing your workplace can increase efficiency and deliver higher productivity.
An open concept office workspace offers advantages such as enhanced collaboration and teamwork to maximise floor space. It can, however, also increase the level of audible and visual interference at work.

Dividing space, including creating separate zones both for individuals, conference space,  and admin space can create the foundation for office efficiency and productivity for everyone.

Desktop Privacy Panels
Desktop privacy panels represent an affordable, very practical, and effective option when you want to add some privacy to open concept workstations. With carefully placed desktop panels you can transform your workplace with effective separations between desks. Unlike cubicles, they can help maintain light and openness for your staff.

These kinds of panels can be placed on desks or tables, with a wide variety of colours and materials from which to choose. Additionally, they are flexible and can easily be removed and rearranged as your office requires that.

Providing your employees with more privacy is the key benefit of desktop privacy panels, making your workforce feel more comfortable and relaxed, while also reducing noise levels and distractions in the office.

Glass Partition Walls
Maximising the natural light in your office can be invigorating. As well as putting your workers in better moods and making them more productive, they look good and offer flexibility. With glass partition walls, you can lower electric bills, increase energy efficiency and have a lower carbon footprint. Using sleek designs, glass partitions can give your business premises and company image a modern, cutting-edge image.

Installing glass partition walls in lobbies gives an elegant and sophisticated look, and using them in office workstations gives transparency as well, giving clients the sense that your business is honest and trustworthy. You can also create glass-walled conference rooms that are light and open.

As well as encouraging open communication and collaboration, glass partition walls are acoustically sound, lessening the impact of distracting noise, nurturing focus and concentration and advancing productivity. Glass partition walls offer flexibility as you can change the office layout often as they can be dismantled and reassembled as your needs change.

Mobile Whiteboard Dividers
Mobile whiteboard dividers are both functional and versatile, typically rolling on casters and suitable for either hard or soft flooring. Most have casters that lock for stability so the boards won’t move around once positioned. Additionally, they provide valuable planning and collaboration spaces to help with teamwork and overall productivity.

Many are made with both sides having a magnetic whiteboard or one side may have pin-able fabric, with convenient adjustable flip chart hooks. Mobile whiteboards can help create smaller and quieter zones, enhancing your workspace.

Choose a U-shaped Desk
U-shaped desks are increasingly popular where workspace is at a premium because they provide a large work surface without occupying too much space in the office. They can also be configured to suit a variety of storage possibilities to keep your office more organised and functional across the entire space.

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