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Should Office Buildings Go ‘All Glass’?

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Glass has been used for hundreds of years; it is found in every construction of homes and businesses and public buildings across the globe. It brings many benefits, including access to natural light and is one of the most eco-friendly materials in use. As modern architecture has evolved, glass is highly prized as a major construction material and not just for windows and doors. Glass buildings are seen as modern and stylish.

Why Are Skyscrapers Made Of Glass?

Glass, as well as giving a modern, stunning aesthetic brings many advantages as a building material, including durability, strength and appearance. The use of glass allows glass skyscrapers to receive maximum natural light, this makes the interior look bright and spacious and means that less artificial light is needed which saves money on electric bills.

Is Glass Good For Skyscrapers?

In fine weather, glass buildings can become heated because of direct exposure to the sun.  This disadvantage, however, can be overcome by the use of specialised glazing layers that stop the heat from the sun from entering the building. The layers of glazing can also be included in the design, making them an architectural feature of glass skyscrapers. The use of this specialised glass can also reduce the energy consumption of the building by retaining heat in winter and keeping the building cool in the summer. It will significantly decrease energy bills as less electricity is used. Low-e glazing is environmentally friendly and a sustainable material.

Glass Office Partitioning In London Skyscrapers

20 Fenchurch Street is home to one of London’s famous glass skyscrapers. This glass skyscraper has a distinctive top-heavy shape and is 38 stories high. It is the 5th tallest building in London. 34 floors are used solely as office space and the remaining 3 stories contain a large viewing deck and restaurants and bars for visitors to use.

The use of office glass partitioning, office glass walls and glass room dividers. allows the floors to be divided into specific workspaces, whilst maintaining the modern aesthetic that the skyscraper glass brings.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Glass

  1. Glass Office Partitions Are Simple and Easy to Install
    Glass partitions are easily installed and dismantled which means there is minimum disruption to your staff when it is installed.
  2. Maximum Natural Light
    Natural light will make your workspace bright and airy; it will also positively affect the mood of your employees. It raises serotonin levels and your employees’ work productivity.
  3. Versatility when it comes to layout.
    Office glass partitioning gives you the flexibility to adjust or change your floor plan whenever you want. The partitions just need to be moved and relocated from one position to another.
  4. Minimizes the need for artificial lighting.
    Because of the high level of natural light that can enter your office, the need for artificial light is reduced, this reduces your energy consumption and will reduce your energy bills.
  5. Bring natural heat into your office.
    Due to the high levels of light from the sun, your work area will be warm and will reduce the need for heating. Again this will reduce energy consumption and save money.

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