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office hall with a glass partition wall combined with natural wood elements

Glass Office Partitioning In London Skyscrapers

As one of the City of London’s most stunning and recognisable pieces of unique architecture, 20 Fenchurch Street got its nickname ‘Walkie Talkie’ due to its distinctive top-heavy shape. Rafael Viñoly’s London skyscraper sits in the historic City of London financial district, standing 38-stories high, proudly standing as the fifth tallest completed building in the City of London.

This particular high-rise has been contentious from the start, being blamed for a powerful downdraught on the streets of London due to its concave design channelling gusts of wind strong enough to knock people off their feet. With its glass exterior, it has also been held responsible for a glaring beam of light so hot it melted paintwork off cars, being rebranded by critics as the ‘Walkie Scorchie’.

With 34 floors dedicated to office space, and the 35th, 36th and 37th floors used for visitors to enjoy bars, restaurants and a large viewing deck, the various requirements are strict in terms of sanitation.

Getting glass partitions and glass partitioning in this London icon is one of the ideal ways to achieve the necessarily high standards. With any contemporary professional office, the use of glass partitioning, glass office walls, and glass room dividers found across London offers not just sanitary and cleanliness benefits, it also delivers privacy and flexibility for the workforce.

As research shows, glass partitioning and glass offices in your London building can also improve employee wellbeing and productivity. From the natural light flooding in, to the feeling of more space to move around, glass partitioning in London offices is about more than just the undeniably stylish aesthetics. Glass partitions and the glass office are increasingly popular with London based companies, offering the flexibility to adjust, angle, and even slide out the partitions entirely so that they can be relocated. Clearly, glass partitioning in London buildings is here to stay.

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